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I belive that starting to write a blog is a great way of creating and passing knowladge. My freshmen year of collage in ASU, I had initially chosen Robotics as my major. As days passed in the field, I was finding myself writing a lot of code. Hardware din't exite me as much as my first hello world program that i wrote in Java. Meanwhile I was learning KALI linux without wanting any particular outcome out of it. I was learning it becuase I was genuely intrigued and the word hacking just sounded cool. Finally it stuck in my head, i really did not want to burden myself in doing things that i did not like. Thus, second semester, I knew that my passion for coding paired with the skills i was learning for KALI is a good combinaiton. I chose, Information Technology. Now shifting to the topic of blogging. When i was learning KALI, I encountered a lot of obsticles. A few of them was the ability to retain previous knowladge. Thefore, it inspired me to write blogs, this way i knew that i would learn from writing the blog. Most importantly I would pass the knowladge to the community who are on the same boat with me.

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